Loop LCD panel

Vörunúmer: 6000/LOOP/REP
Loop LCD panel
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Loop LCD panel


  • Loop Powered Repeat Panel
  • Low Current Consumption
  • 4.4” QVGA Monochrome LCD
  • FAST™ Addressing
  • Multi-Language Capability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Effective to Install
  • Surface or Recess Mounted
  • Compact Size

The 6000/LOOP/REPEATER can be connected directly to the local Algo-Tec™ digital addressable data loop and takes up just one address. Events from the main panel are displayed on the repeater’s large LCD display, providing system indication of any loop connected location on site. The low power consumption allows numerous repeat devices to be fitted, greatly increasing system visibility.

Low Power

The power consumption of the repeater has been minimised through energy efficient design, preserving loop current and capacity. Quiescent 1.6mA, Alarm 12.7mA


The repeater can be surface or flush mounted as standard, allowing gland or conduit entrance through the rear, top or bottom of the enclosure. The device only requires a loop connection to provide both power and data, no network cabling, or external power supply is required.

Event Display

Events are categorised and clearly displayed for intuitive navigation of the system status, whilst large graphical indicators show a general system overview.

User Assistance

A help menu displays a list of status specific tool-tips to aid the user in accomplishing tasks, such as silencing the internal buzzer or performing a lamp test. If the user requires additional help, the contact details for site engineers and the installer are available on the screen.

Multi-Language Support

The 6000/LOOP/REPEATER’s graphical user interface caters for most Western European languages and Arabic script as standard. The language for event strings is inherited from the control panel.

USB Configuration

The fast USB configuration tool allows the device to be programmed with site specific data, such as contact details for site engineers and the installer along with custom logos and settings.