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The 6000/SSR2 addressable loop powered high output electronic sounder designed by Protec in house developers, utilises a Piezo driver unit to enable high sound output and very low current consumption. With two base options and improved aesthetic appearance the 6000/SSR2 simplifies the installation of the device.

The 6000/SSR2 is a low current loop powered addressable device utilising the Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000 protocol. With typical sound output of 100dB(A) at 1m the sounder has 3 different tones (warble, continuous and pulse) selectable at the control panel. Volume can be adjusted between 100, 95 and 75 dB(A), again at the control panel. The 6000/SSR2 incorporates a loop short circuit isolator to enhance the system integrity and is designed to comply to all relevant CE and LVD standards.

Available in either Red or White body colours, the 6000/SSR has an IP65 rating making the product suitable for mounting internally or externally. An optional deep base allows surface mounted cable to be terminated directly into the sounder.

The 6000/SSR2 is an ideal addition to any fire alarm system providing a clear audible indication of a fire alarm.

As Protec are specialists in the safety systems market, our main objective is to produce high quality and reliable products. Manufacturing at our UK based facilities, our in-house design team develop innovative products which are produced using the latest manufacturing techniques with in-line automatic test equipment to ensure consistent high quality and reliability.


6000 SSR Wiring


0 to 85% RH non condensing

Temperature Range

-10°C to 55°C

IP Rating




Loop Powered


Loop Standby Load


Loop Alarm Load


Number of Addresses


Loop Isolator


Output Details

Piezo sounder. Sounder tone and volume selectable at the control panel.


ABS Base & Body

Device Protocol

Algo-Tec™ 6000


CoCP No: 0359-CPR-0409
DoP No: PFD-CPR-0118
Relevant Standard: EN54 Part 3 & 17
CE Marked

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