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Vörunúmer: 6000PLUS/BASE/E
Protec sökkull fyrir skynjara
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The Protec 6000PLUS standard base is designed for use with the Protec 6000PLUS series fire detection devices. It allows the detectors to be mounted directly to any flat surface, or BESA box. Provision is also made for surface mount trunking entry via side breakouts.

It has an in-built earth connection to allow easy termination of cable screens and permit earth continuity on broken segments of cable.

The base features robust wiring terminals with captive clamping washers to ensure secure wiring termination. Terminals are provided inside the moulding for loop connections and the termination of cable screening. Provision is also made for the connection of an optional remote LED if required.

Loop continuity is maintained by a switch on the 6000PLUS/BASE.


6000PLUS Wiring Diagram


-10°C to +50°C, 95% R.H. non condensing or icing)

Ingress Protection


Weight (excluding base)


Voltage Range

30V maximum


Surface or BESA box


White polycabonate V0 rated


Indoor Installation


CE Marked (EEC89/336)

Dimensions (mm)

98.62ø x 18.37H

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