TL 3G vöktunareining 4IN 2OUT

19.950 kr
Vörunúmer: TLPG3GIN4R2
TL 3G vöktunareining 4IN 2OUT
 Aftur í: Stýrieiningar

Contact controlled communicator, which can be used as an optional reporting device for alarm control panels, as a standalone GSM reporting device, or as a 4-zone alarm control device with arming and disarming option.

Main features:

  • 3G/2G communication
  • 4 configurable NO/NC inputs
  • 2 NO relay outputs controllable by events and also remotely
  • Combines the functions of the former GSM and GPRS Pager3 communicators
  • Sends SMS with configurable message for each event to up to 10 phone numbers
  • Voice call to up to 10 phone numbers, with up to 15 recordable messages of 10 seconds each
  • Reporting to CMS (Central monitoring station) via IP to up to 4 IP addresses
  • Compatibility with TELL receivers, as well as receivers using SIA IP DC -09 (with AES 128 encryption) protocol
  • Up to 10 notification templates can be created
  • Defining the priorities of reporting channels
  • Configurable Contact ID event codes for each event including partition and zone options
  • Output control can be customized separately for each event using different operation modes
  • Arming and disarming (dry contact inputs, SMS, voice call, programming software)
  • Extended service events (arming failed, low supply voltage, network connection error, etc.)

Application area:

  • For implementing simple alarm tasks
  • Control device
  • Optional communicator for alarm control panels

Technical specification

  • Transmission channel
     3G / 2G / GSM
  • Frequency band
     900/2100 MHz @UMTS, 900/1800 @GSM/GPRS
  • Operating temperature
     -20 ºC - +70 ºC
  • Supply voltage
     12-30 VAC/DC
  • Current consumption (maximum)
     500 mA @ 12 VDC
  • Current consumption (nominal)
     120 mA @ 12 VDC
  • Casing
  • Terminal connector design
  • Dimensions
     84x72x32 mm
  • Weight
     200 g


  • Contact inputs
  • Configurable inputs (NO/NC)
  • Adjustable input sensitivity


  • Relay outputs
  • Output control through free GSM call
  • Output control with commands through GSM voice call
  • Output control by SMS
  • Output activation on GSM fault


  • GSM voice call
  • SMS sending
  • IP-based reporting to CMS
  • DTMF-based reporting to CMS

Supported protocols

  • SIA IP DC-09 protocol
  • SIA DC-05 (DTMF) protocol
  • TELLMon protocol
  • TEX protocol


  • Programming method
     USB / IP
  • Programming software


  • User phone numbers for forwarding incoming SMS messages
  • User phone numbers for reporting 
  • User phone numbers for output control

Remote monitoring

  • Monitoring station IP addresses
  • Monitoring station phone numbers
  • Individual reporting to monitoring station

Other functions

  • Configurable internal Contact ID event codes
  • Security password
  • Contact ID event code filtering
  • Event logs / number of stored events
     Yes / 1000
  • Caller identification
  • Individual SMS sending to user phone numbers with predefinable message
  • Periodic test report
  • Alarm restriction
  • Alarm control panel function (arming/disarming, entry and exit delay)
  • Selectable 24h zones
  • Selectable confirmation request from user phone numbers
  • NTP server support