10 porta (8PoE+2Uplink) beinir Cloud Managable

13.600 kr
Vörunúmer: HR-AI1010
AI1010 10-Port 100Mbps AI Smart PoE switch
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10 porta PoE switch (8*PoE+2*Uplink)

AI1010 10-Port 100Mbps AI PoE switch


AI Smart POE Switch,8*100Mbps RJ45 PoE port, 2*100Mbps Uplink.Support the management of Apollo cloud.
5 working modes:
Standard switching mode:All ports communicate freely;
AI VLAN:Avoid the internet storm and enhance the network ability;
AI Extend:Extend 250M PoE transmission;
AI PoE:Automatic self checking, reboot the device while find it fake dead;
AI QoS:Video data first, more fluent transmission.