16 porta (16PoE+2SFP)PoE beinir Layer 2 Managed

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Vörunúmer: HR-PS3016GS
AI6016 16 porta (16PoE+2SFP)PoE Gig beinir Layer 2 Managed
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AI6016 16 porta (16PoE+2SFP)PoE beinir Layer 2 Managed

PS3016GS 16-Port Gigabit Layer 2 Managed PoE switch

A new generation of high-performance hardware and software platforms that provide flexible, cost-effective Gigabit access and uplink ports. Supports complete security protection mechanisms, comprehensive ACL/QoS policies, and various VLAN functions. It is easy to manage and maintain, and meets the user's needs for easy management, high security and low cost for network devices, applicable for network access, aggregation and core application scenarios in campus, hotel and enterprise areas.Support ОС Linux Kernel version 3.18 in web site.Support the management of Apollo cloud.

AI Smart POE Switch, 16*1000Mbps RJ45 port, 2*1000Mbps SFP port( POE is available).Support the management of Apollo cloud.
5 working modes:
Standard mode: All ports communicate freely;
AI VLAN: Avoid the internet storm and enhance the network ability;
AI Extend: Extend 250M transmission;
AI PoE: Automatic self checking, reboot the device while find it fake dead;
AI QoS,Video data first, more fluent transmission.




Network standard
IEEE 802.3i IEEE 802.3u IEEE 802.3xIEEE 802.3ab   IEEE 802.3af  IEEE 802.3at
24 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 port2 gigabit SFP 1 Console
16个10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 portsupport PoE+ Max 250WSingle port max 46W
18 Link/Act LEDS16 POE LEDs1 SYS LED1 Power LED
Forwarding mode: store and forwardBandwidth:36GbpsPacket forwarding rate:23.8Mpps8K MAC address table
Lightning protection


Software Specifications

Protocol standard
IEEE 802.3:Ethernet Media Access Control (MAC) ProtocolIEEE 802.3i:10BASE-T EthernetIEEE 802.3u:100BASE-TX Fast EthernetIEEE 802.3ab:1000BASE-T Gigabit EthernetIEEE 802.3z:1000BASE-X Gigabit Ethernet (fiber)IEEE 802.3ad:Standard method for performing link aggregationIEEE 802.3x:flow controlIEEE 802.1p:LAN Layer 2 Qos/Cos protocol for traffic priority (multicast filtering)IEEE 802.1q:VLANIEEE 802.1d:STP Spanning treeIEEE 802.1s:MSTP Spanning treeIEEE 802.1w:RSTP Spanning treeIEEE 802.3afIEEE 802.3at
Shortcut function
One key AI VLANOne key Extend(1-8 port 250meters PoE distance)One key AI PoEOne key Q0S (Video priority)
Support DHCP Snooping
Support 4K VLANSupport 802.1Q VLAN、MAC VLAN ,IP VLANVoice VLAN
MAC address table
Comply the IEEE 802.1d standardSupport MAC address learning and aging automaticallySupport static, dynamic, filter address table
Password protectionSupport based on the port number, IP address, MAC address restrictions on user accessSupport HTTPS、SSL V3、TLS V1、SSH V1/V2Support IP-MAC-PORT ternary bindingSupport ARP protection, IP source protection, DoS protectionSupport DHCP Snooping、DHCP attack protectionSupport 802.1X certificated、AAASupport port security, port isolationSupport CPU protection
POE management
Support POE power limitSupport POE chip status viewSupport setting PoE port prioritySupport setting PoE power supply time period
Access control (ACL)
Support L2 (Layer 2) ~ L4 (Layer 4) packet filteringSupport port mirroring, port redirection,flow rate limiting, QoS re-marking
Quality of Service (QoS)
Support 8 port queue Support port priority, 802.1p priority, DSCP prioritySupport SP、RR、WRR、WFQPriority scheduling algorithm
Spanning Tree
Support STP(IEEE 802.1d),RSTP(IEEE 802.1w) and MSTP(IEEE 802.1s) protocolSupport loop protection, root bridge protection, TC protection, BPDU protection, BPDU filtering
Support IGMP v1/v2 SnoopingSupport fast leave mechanismSupport multicast VLANSupports multicast filtering, packet statistics, and unknown multicast discards.
Storm suppression
Support multicast suppressionSupport broadcast suppressionSupport unknown unicast suppression
Link aggregation
Support static aggregationSupport dynamic aggregationSupport IP, MAC, and hybrid load balancing modesSupports up to 32 aggregation groups
Support IPv6 Ping、IPv6 Tracert、IPv6 TelnetSupport IPv6 SSH 、IPv6 SSL
Management and maintenance
Support WEB network management (HTTP, HTTPS, SSL V3)Support CLI (Telnet, SSH V1/V2, local serial port)Support SNMP V1/V2/V3 Support LLDP、RMONSupport ARP protection, IP source protection, DoS protectionSupport CPU monitoring, memory monitoringSupport system log, grading warningSupport Ping, Tracert detection, cable detection