SECOLink hreyfiskynjari BP2 með hitamælingu

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Vörunúmer: SL-BP2
SecoLink BP2 hreyfiskinjari með hitamælingu
 Aftur í: Aukahlutir SL
Features BP2 
Description Wireless PIR and temperature sensor
Compatible receivers P16, P32, P64, EXT116s
Operating frequency 868 MHz and other (depends on national regulation)
Communication range in building Up to 100m
Communication with hopping code Selectable
2-way technology Yes
Zone violation Yes
Tamper Changed transmission Yes
Battery low status transmission Yes
Temperature sensor Yes
Motion detector (PIR) Yes
Supervision transmission Every 1 hour
LED indicator Yes
Pet immune -
Unique ID number for motion detector (PIR) Yes
Unique ID number for temperature sensor Yes
Power supply Lithium battery, ½ AA, 3.6V
Battery life ~2 years
Overall dimensions W x H x L in mm 55 x 40 x 100
Operating humidity 0% - 70%
Operating temperature 0oC up to +55oC
Lens coverage angle 98°
Lens coverage distance 15 meters