SECOLink auka Lyklaborð KM24G

15.850 kr
Vörunúmer: SL-KM24G
Aukalyklaborð fyrir SECOLink kerfi
 Aftur í: Aukahlutir SL
Features KM24G
Product type Alarm system module
On-Board zones 2
On-Board PGM 1 (open collector up to 15 mA)
Ambient temperature measurement Yes
LCD type Graphic:
240 x 120 dots
Keys in keypad 24
Programmable fast keys (F-Keys) 32
Data bus protocol KRBUS
Zone loop (detector) type  
Maximum wiring distance to CP 300 m
Power supply 9 - 14 V
Voltage measurement on keypad Yes
Current consumption Backlight on 80 mA,
Backight off < 68 mA.
On-Board sounder Speaker
Backlight color  Display = blue, keypad = blue
Character set Major character sets of the world.
User interface type Navigation menu with short help text system.
Overall dimensions W x H in mm 92 x 133
Environmental compliance ROHS
Operating temperature 0oC up to +50oC
Interface for keypad settings programming USB
Interface for keypad firmware updating USB