Veto ProPac CP4 mælabudda

10.950 kr
Vörunúmer: VPP-CP4
Veto ProPac tækjabudda
 Aftur í: Buddur

Veto ProPac tækjabudda með fjórum geymsluhólfum

Veto ProPac eru bandarískar hágæða verkfæratöskur úr Denier nælonefni, sem er vatnshelt og afar slitsterkt.

The CP4 Grubber is a multi-purpose pouch that can hold a variety of small tools and accessories for service, repair or installation jobs as well as a perfect weekend travel pouch for small items.

With 4 storage compartments, the Grubber conveniently holds a variety of small do dads:

  1. Small Tools
  2. Small Meter
  3. Multi-Tools/Pocket Knives
  4. Zip ties
  5. Markers, Pens, Pencils
  6. Small Digital Camera
  7. Smart Phone
  8. Power Cords
  9. Parts Box
  10. Utility Knives

For weekend/personal use, the CP4 is a perfect pouch to carry many items, and you can clip keychains and other items to the D-rings...